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Center drum slitter rewinder for cardboard paper converting
 The FQ600/800C series of slitter rewinders is used to convert the substrates from non-woven to the  cardboard paper, the minimum slitting width 10mm for paper straws and paper tube (core) making . Its easy to load  the unwindng reel and unloading the finished rolls with pneumatic and hydraulic lift system. Auto air expansion and servo control system ensure the productive capacity with high and stable speed .These series of slitter rewinders are ideal choice for medical and paper products making.
Available substratenon-woven,paper,cardboardcardboard ,paper 
Maximum Unwinding width600mm800mm
Maximum unwinding diameter 1000mm1200mm
Minumum slitting width 10mm10mm
Maximum rewinding diameter600mm800/1200mm
Maximum speed 150m/min350m/min

 Double Shafts Slitter Rewinder 

    The RSQ1300 slitter rewinder is universal sliting rewinding machine available for paper, PE laminated paper ,Non-woven roll and film converting . The automatic unloading unit is friendly and easy to use to users .

Model RSQ1100/1300
Max.width of reel 1100/1300mm
Max.diameter of reel1000mm
Min.width of slitting rewinding30mm
Max.diameter of rewinding 600mm
Max.speed of production500m/min 
Coreless and Cored Double Use Cash Thermal Roll Slitter  Rewinder and Medical Chart Paper Roll Making Machine 

  The customized coreless and cored thermal roll slitter rewinder is double use machine for cash register rolls and medical chart paper rolls making.  auto end cutting is ease of use  , and small investment for the paper converting business.

Max.Unwinding width900mm
Max. reel diameter1000mm
Min.rewinding diameter38mm
Max.rewinding diameter180mm
Max speed 150M/min
Min. coreless Inner diameter9mm

  Fully Automatic  Self-adhesive Wound Dressing Making Machine 

   The fully automatic self-adhesive wound dressing makking machine is one multifunctional machine with functions of die cutting ,laminating and heat sealing packing machine from raw material roll to finished medical dressing .To make the marketable medical dressing,  The sterilizer cabinet is required to centralized sterilize all the dressings  High quality carbon steel machine construction, complete servo drive system and register tracking system for fast speed and precise packing .For more information about the sterilizer please contact our sales for solutions.

Model ZB200/350 
Max.feeding width200/350mm
Max.reel diameter450mm
Max.patch  size range 200*100mm/350*100mm 
Min.Patch size range50*50mm
Production capacity 6000pcs/hr,100pcs/min
Machine Dimension2000*920*1850/2000*1020*1850mm 
Total power11.2KW

 Fully Automatic Self-adhesive Remaining Medical Needles & Notched Dressing Making Machine With Transparent PU Dressing

   The fully automatic remaining needles dressing making machine is multifunctional machine for transparent PU dressing making and packing . Its functions include the die cutting ,laminating and packing on one machine ,the finished dressing can be die cut into different shape as well as the notched dressing.The extra sterilizer cabinet is required for marketable finished dressing. please contact our sales for the solution about sterilizer.  High quality carbon steel machine  frame, full set of  servo drive system and register tracking system are designed for fast speed and precise packing .

Max.feeding width200/350mm
Max.reel diameter450mm
Max.patch  size range 200*100mm/350*100mm
Min.Patch size range50*50mm
Production capacity 6000pcs/hr ,100pcs/min
Machine dimension 3500*920*1850mm/ 3500*1020*1850mm 
Total power 13.2KW

  Fully Automatic Rewinder For Coreless and Cored Medical Dressing Roll Making

  This automatic rewinder is a carbon steel made constructive machine with non-stop continuously rewinding . it is used for the big medical dressing roll rewinding from big roll to small rolls to make the finished small rolls automatically.

Model ZMS120/250
Max.width of dressing roll150mm
Max.diameter of dressing roll500mm
Production speed 2-30M/min,    1-25M/min
Rewinding  length 5-20m (+/- 1cm)
Number of working stations
Method of rewindingcontinuously automatic non-stop  rewinding
  The automatic packing unit and sterilization are available as options for medical dressing production line.