preowned Japanese web offset press & Label press & form processing machines & brand new customized medical dressing making &packing machines & automatic slitter rewinders &others 

 Used form printing and processing machines         & customized  machines  

Machine Parts Service

We Provide the  precise mechanical parts for Japanese series of Form Press like Miyakoshi ,Taiyo and the TAIYO branded label press ,preprinted business form processing machines. Our parts service covers the printing cylinders making, Perforating cylinders, Perforating wheels,  functional units and all the small consumable parts  in full scale of the parts of Japanese form press , collator gluer , label press and other RCHM series converting machines.

we also make the precise parts to drawings upon the demanding from users as well as the electric control system replacements.

OffsetPrinting station cylinders  YESYESYES
Cross perforating cylinderYESYESYES
Gluing cylinder NYESYES
perforating wheelsYESYESYES
Punching wheelsYESYESYES
Functional units YESYESYES
Inkjet numbering solutionYESYESYES
Folding discs YESYESYES
Magnetic cylinders for web pressYESYESYES
Letterpress cylinders YESYESYES
Flexopress cylinders for label pressNYESN
Magnetic cylinders for label pressYESYESYES
Tension control system YESYESYES
Different size Numbering  unit for form press and form processing machinesYESYESYES
Punch Pins &dies for processer YESYESYES
Air shaft for unwinderYESYESYES
Powder brake YESYESYES
auto web guideYESYES 
Mechanical chucks YESYESYES
Electrical control systemAvailable for different machines upon request
Air Drum to DrawingsAll is available